Bratislava is a typical historical European city with medieval architecture buildings located in the city centre, however it also offers some modern sightseeings. We recommend you to check out some of these:

Devin castle (ruins)

One of the oldest castles in Slovakia has been destroyed by Napoleon’s retreating troops at the beginning of the 19th century. There’s a nice view from the castle to Austria. We recommend you to take a boat from the city centre’s port to Devin castle for a nice trip.

Bratislava castle

A majestic building towering over Bratislava’s historical city centre is the home to Slovak national museum. Next to the castle you’ll also see building of the national parliament. From the castle you’ll have a good view of the historical city centre.

St. Martin’s cathedral

Is one of the largest and oldest churches in Bratislava built in gothic style. For a period of time it used to be the coronation church of the Kingdom of Hungary.


Slavin is a World War II memorial built to commemorate soviet soldiers fallen in the fight to free Slovakia from the occupation of Nazi Germany, after unsuccessful attempt at Slovak National Uprising.

UFO Bridge

Officially called the Bridge of Slovak National Uprising and unofficially called ‘The New Bridge’ is a pillar-less bridge with a tower in the shape of a flying saucer. Within the ‘saucer’ there’s a restaurant. Be prepared for an expensive menu, though. You can get to the very top of the tower to get a very nice view of Bratislava’s historical city centre.

Kamzik TV tower

Possibly the first sightseeing piece of architecture that’s going to catch your eye even from the distance, a TV tower on top of the hill over Bratislava, in the middle of the forest. Bratislava is one of the very few capital cities in the world with direct access to forest and many citizens like to spend their summer weekends around this area. There’s a restaurant at the top of this tower. Be prepared for an expensive menu, though.