Dinner party

On Saturday evening at 20:00 we’ll have a dinner party at YŪZŪ House. Price for the dinner party will be 15 EUR. For this price you will get a portion of a goulash, japanese nabe and there will also be some grilled food. Included in the price is also a welcome drink YŪZŪ.

Dinner party can be attended even by players who are not interested in food, there will be a bar with both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages available for all attendees (that said, there are no other food options in the vicinity of the dinner party venue).

Getting to YŪZŪ House

Shortly after the end of the third round, or before its end, when most players will have finished their games, we’ll lead a group walk to the location of the dinner party, which is going to take about 45 minutes to one hour, depending on the speed of the group. We’ll walk next to the Danube river.

Participants can also take Uber/Bolt/Taxi to YŪZŪ House. Participants with their own car, who’d like to go there by car, can park their cars at a parking place next to Arena Theatre. From there it’s just a 5 minute walk to the venue of the dinner party.

Walking from Hotel Sorea Regia to YŪZŪ House:

Parking spot near YŪZŪ House and getting to YŪZŪ House from there: