We’re pleased to invite you to European Shogi Championship and World Open Shogi Championship 2019 in Bratislava.

The tournament will take place from 15th to 18th of August 2019 in Hotel Sorea Regia **** in Bratislava.

We’ll keep you updated about the schedule and other information related to the event.

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Getting to Bratislava

Bratislava has international airport with connections to several European cities. For many participants however, the most practical and cheapest option might be to fly to the Vienna Airport Schwechat instead. There’s a bus that goes from the Vienna airport to Bratislava in hourly interval. We recommend to get off at Bratislava Central Bus station, but you can also take off the bus at Einsteinova or the Airport. (However the airport is much further away from the venue than the above mentioned stops, so we don’t recommend that). The bus ride takes only about an hour and there’s an entertainment system onboard of the bus for every (sitting) passenger (look for the bus line operated by company Slovak Lines, a red bus)

For many participants, getting to Bratislava by bus or train is also an option.


The event will be held in Hotel Sorea Regia ****, Kralovske udolie 6.
There’s tram and bus station within walking distance. Name of the station is ‘Kralovske udolie‘.

You can get to the venue by bus lines 29, 30, 31, 39.

Alternatively you can take a tram of lines 4, 5, 6, 9.

To get to the venue from the airport, the easiest route is to take the bus line 61, take off the bus at the station ‘Trnavske myto‘ and transfer to tram line 4. This tram will take you to ‘Kralovske udolie‘, above mentioned stop, near the venue. From there it’s a few meters uphill by foot.

For local public transportation information, please use this website: http://imhd.sk/ba/public-transport


You can get a room in the Hotel Sorea Regia directly. The prices are around 70-80 EUR for a double room. At the moment it is not possible to book a room via booking.com. However, if you’d like to book a room already, you can do so by mail to the hotel directly. You can find contact information on the hotel on their official website: https://www.sorea.sk/en/bratislava/hotel-sorea-regia

Booking a room this year will fix you a better price, because the prices are expected to be increased next year.

There are many other accommodation options in Bratislava as well, one of the closer ones is Hotel Ibis in the same price category

For the cheaper options you can try:
Old City Hotel

City Hostel

You’ll find plenty of other options on Booking.com


Uber was unfortunately banned in Bratislava recently, but there’s a similar service called Taxify, that still operates in Bratislava. Another similar service is called Hopin. Getting on waiting taxi directly at the airport or bus station or any other public place is not advised, because taxi drivers in Bratislava apply more expensive price if you get on waiting taxi, as opposed to calling taxi via a phone, or any of the above mentioned service. Unfortunately some taxi drivers also take advantage of foreigners, which will not happen if you use Taxify or Hopin.